Monday, March 14, 2011
New Banners ETC. at 12:16 AM

Hi again ? :o
I'm seriously sorry for not posting, due to heavy homeworks and stuff D:
So, After i make finish my new banner, im gonna be seriously posting at least 2 entries per week!

This blog is made by me with alot of effort, so I'm not gonna be giving out no matter what ! :D
So look out to the new banners that is coming out soon ~ :D

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011
New year resolution at 2:08 AM

Hello Peeps :X Im not been blogging again yeah? ... :X So sorry about it.

Well i know this is kinna wired for me to be posting this now as it had been like 7 days of new year? lol.
Sorry laxzxxzxz because im been going on house visiting :x !
Well anyway heres' my resolution for the year ! Hopefully i can do all of them! :D

1) To pass my 'N' level DUH!? Who donwant to :D
2) Get not to get irritated by my irritating Form teacher! Grrr....
3) Finishes all my homework ! ALRIGHT?!
4) Will try to blog more! :D
5) Concentrate during my maths class D:
6) Less Vulgar D:
7) Try not to be late for school~
8) Less problematic.
9) Show lesser attitude (HOPEFULLY) D:
10) Try to spend more time with family :D

Well. thats as much as i could think of D:! haha :D!
okay will try to blog post once every 1-2weeks okay! :D:D
So try to look out for the next one :D

Welll goodbye :D

Remember to click my nuffnang okay :D
And also click this too!!! : ChurpChurp :D

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Thursday, January 20, 2011





Yes me Im Seriously Shocked with what happen today ! :D Okay shall slowly~ Explain.

Friday, 14th Jan, Celebrated with

Marcus, Jovel, Kangwei, Eric :D

Went for the movie called Gui Ye Xiao :D

Which i rate 3.5/5 stars?
The show is kinna actually normal ~ ~ ~ that how i see la .
And the story kinna like to drag , funny rate was like ermm... 3/5 stars?
and scariness was 1.5/5 ? or maybe even 1
Back to topic ~ Thankyou verymuch celebrating my birthday with me :D! haha ... :D

15th Of Jan.
Celebrated with Sathish and Marcus ! :D
Thankyou guys so much also for celebrating with me :D!

16th Of Jan~ :D

Celebrated with my SUPER DUPER LOVELY COUSIN! :D
CHERMAINE! :D And my brother Brandon! :D
Haha we went for a movie called ,
It is a freakinglish awesome movie i swear!
But its kinna sexual, but not too much just some arse~
:D The song is freakinglish nice! :D all of them have nice voice! :D
I rate it 5/5 stars :D!
After :D went back to compass and had my celebratory dinner :D
Which is like awesome~ i forgot whats the resturant name, but its at compass third storey.

20th Jannuary 2011 which is my BIRTHDATE :D
Which is like super boring because i celebrated with all my closed friend alrdy
only didn do it with Jialin, Annabel, Rochelle~ D:
As i thought they were busy with their stuff, BUT NOT!
They gave me a surprise party today ! :D! WHICH IS LIKE IM TOTALLY SHOCKED!
They came around 7pm going 8pm.
I felt so sorry for them, because some were having test the next day, and some were
released at 6pm, and all of them have homework D: as they are having their Os level this year
We pop and played around~ :D haha :D
We took some photos which you could view it at my facebook
just click --> facebook to view the photos :D! but make sure to add me first :D
And the saddest part is that they didn had their dinner D:
so we decided to order pizza :D since i also havent had my dinner ~ :D and
we chat while eating :D!

Haha thankyou guys very much! :D

Okay so lastly i wanna thank people who wishes :D
here are all the names :D

-My Big Aunt, Sister Ivy, Sister Lynn, Wanyi, Annabel, Rochelle, Jialin, Ruiling, JoeyTan, Joyce, Julia, Wannie, Kennia, Roshan, Jeslyn, Jolene, Pamela, How Cher, Sherlyn, Nomolas, Bernard, Maggie, Alvin, Clara, Jovan, Welshia, Regina, Qnai, Jun Hao, Jenny, Khiro, Lina, Queenie, YongSeng, Chia Meng, Jean, Yuqian, Jeff, WeiSong, Derrick, Annabelle, DerickP, Jasmine, Cresanta, Cindy, Angelus, Nicole, Cecilia, Joanne, Camliam, Ian, Azirah, Simon, Maisarah,
Shirley Leong, Wilson, Xinyi, Peishan, Danielle, Zhiwen, Alastair, Xavier, LiangLiang, Wilbert, Xinru, Pauline, Thengwei, Farhana, Zichao, Loui, Julian, Germaine, JingHui, Kenneth, Daniel, Meiqi, Reuben, Shereen, Mark, Jovel, Kenny, ZhiTing, ShiHui, Candy, MoonYaad, Don, Weiling, Dominic, Wendy, Andy, Chermaine, Kaiwen, ShirleyLong, Andrew Ng, Jiamin, Colin, Joshua, Ziyun, Yankoon, Eric, Emily, Michael, Guanwei, Brandon, ShiGuan, Adeline, Charlene, Ahloy, Alina, Suanli, Mervin, Andy, Jody, Farwan, Hiroe, Michael Tan.


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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
UFO ? DO you believe in it ? at 9:16 PM

Hmm... ages since i posted eh. LOL. i don even think people are reading and passing by my blog anymore nowadays. :( which is like totally sadden as i didn even post a single shyt out of here. :(

Okay lets start with the topic... :D!
I just pass by yahoo not long ago, and saw a updated articles which titled :

Giant spaceships to attack Earth in 2012?

which is like do you guys believe it ? what would you do if it really happen... hmm...

In America there are 34percent of Americans who believe that UFO do actually exist ! :X! ( which i hope there is NOT! )
The researchers at SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) which is an an independent non-commercial organisation in the United States released a super duper scary news which says that three giant spaceships are heading towards Earth, about 1 week ago ! :X:X Scary enough? ? Not enough scary? How about this :X The largest UFO to be found is 240KM WIDE! ! While the other two are smaller :X :X

Currently, the UFO seems to be in beyond the orbit of pluto !
Which is estimated to reach earth in December 2012 ! :X:X (maybe this is what killed the dinosaurs.)

Welll, i donknow what is a Mayan Calender but this is freaking-lish scary where the Mayan calender ends at 21st of December :X:X !

OMO! This is so scary but there is another story which says that this will not happen because

Firstly, why would aliens wait until after we have developed nuclear weapons capable of mass destruction? They could have set their invasion schedule to early 20th century and met no resistance from the human race.

-Secondly, many countries all over the world, especially United States’ NASA, have satellites in orbit. Why is it that only one system saw it?

-Hubble Space Telescope that can zoom in roughly 40 times closer than a ground-based telescope to see the furthest of the galaxies. But apparently, it did not detect any spaceships while the HAARP system did.

Well so how ? Which do you believe the creepier version or the un-creepier version ?

Scoopedd from :
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Lester Goh :D

Tuesday, November 23, 2010
:D at 5:21 AM

Hello :D Yesss ! Im back to posting again, this time its for real, im gonna be concentrating on my blog for now on ! i swear :D i even close down my blogshop for my lovely dovely blog okay (:
Hehhh! :D
Okayyy im like freaking excited right now as im only left with 2 more days to my super 9 days long holiday okayyy :D! I will be going china on ... ermm.... let see... 25th-3rd Dec :D
Which is like happy la (: cos i get to spent two days or maybe three days in HK :D to shop of cos :D
They have super good quality shoes which is cheap and of cos their shirts too ;D
Main objective of this trip.
-Visit grandparents :D
-Shirts and SHOES!
-Contact lenses :) [ciba vision]
Yeahhhhh im like gonna be more concentrated on shoes and shirt + Contact lenses as it has been said that the lenses i wear (ciba vision) is much cheaper there! :D
And also of cos the shoe :D Super duper excited lo ;D
heheheee :D GONNA be posting down photos of the trip i had there :D *promise*
Of cos also the stuff of bought will be posted down here :D
Weeeee im exciteddd :)

Also recently just a few days ago, i went to Sentosa resort world, which is super fun la :D
As my cousin provided us with foods, hotel and of cos Universal studio tickets <3
Mad love my cousin ;DDD Hahahaha :D
Hehhh this is what we do................
Morning trained down to US maingate to meet my cousin :D Around 12pm if im not wrong,
after that we went into it and played for quite a moment.
After that ehhh, played and stuff lo.
Until around 3pm, went back hotel and after that ate the chicken rice that my lovely grandma bought , which is abit cold la. But still okay :D
Around 4pm, went back to US and continued to play till mad.
Played until 6.30-7pm? After that, chiong back hotel to swim. As they are closing at 8.30pm.
Swimed and after that went back hotel to bath, and ate dinner at i forgot what izzit called, that Ramen is like niceeee (: but i didn had it, i have some sort of baked rice, its nice you know?!
Just that the spring onion eeew x100,
Went breaktalk for 14/16breads and went back to hotel, and slack. Its like 10pm plus,
and after that we ran out of bread....
And guess what we went down for more BREADS :D ! Yeahh.... i know it too, breaktalk breads are simply irristable. Slept around erm.... 1-2am? if im not wrong.

Next day!
We breakfast at Toastbox, and checkedout before 12pm.

After that me, my brother, and chermaine [ which is also my cousin ]
went for KBOX [party world] which totally sucks as they don't provide much Kpops :( !
Im like super sianxzxzx la , but luckily that got the chinese songs and english that i sang.
HSH around 7pm :D
And thats all :D!!!


Click on my nuffnang more alrights ? :D ! :D ! ?

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Sunday, November 14, 2010
A post after sucha long long time. at 4:18 AM

HELLO! :D Yeah i know im like so wired, i don even think im gaining readers right now since im like not posting for months.... okay la i think only one month lo :D
Heheh, yeahh, because of my slots for days by day, ! which is like alot la , not so much just a little little but consider quite alot to me :D

Since the time i promised the post for night safari till now, i don think i might be able to do that because ... Lol... i forgotten quite alot of what i did that day lOl
only remembered that i have ate Ben and Jerry and thats all i know, :D
Hhehe.... :D Hmm.... still.... yeah, im being working recently at Barclay's event, it is a event which is something like for golfer to play and stuffs la :D
Really enjoyed working there, where i know alot of awesome x10 people! :D SERIOUSLY! :D
the people there are kind and funny which is love most of them! :D .
!!! But, don think will be working long, since the aged requirement is 16, and im 15, they only hired me due to in need of people urgently, ! :D

Hehhh :D and i have been successfully promoted to Sec4na :D without the help of teachers pushing! :D So glad and happy :D

Okay thats all for nowww chaoos.
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Lester Goh :D

Friday, October 22, 2010
When was my last post ? at 7:37 AM

Hello people, yeahhh by this time, posting .... i don think anyone should be caring now as this blog should be dead by now. Hahah :D yeahhh im mad laughing at myself now.
The blog where i use to chiong and try to promote is dead :o Ughh stupid me.
Im really like super sorry now that i made this blog so dead :( !
Im so sorry to all the readers that have been reading my blog (if there are any) that im not been posting much recently. Im really sorry.

Im not posting much is because of two main reasons which are.
-First, Computer spoit, hoping for my cousin to come and repair first.
-Secondly, My blogshop. Im been concentrating on it like siao.

hehehhe :D ! =-=" can't believe i just giggled.

Okay. Im like gonna tell you guys now what i have been doing recently as i still don't really have any interesting topic to talk about. (must be thinking that im sucha lame blogger right _l_)

Okay La , serious lame la me i know but don judge me as i will seriously slap you if i see you.

Monday, School as usual nothing much.

Tuesday, School as usual nothing much

Both Monday and tuesday got my results la actually.
My results is like flunk ttm. =-= " ! now hoping for mirical to happen so that i can like promote to secondary 4 hopefully.
Is like currently only my combine humans passed.
For overall for my teachers said that
-English passed.
-F&N passed.
-Combine humans don think will pass.
-Chinese high chances of passing, but don really think so.
-Science, That a flunk for sure.

=-= Let continue with my lame post.

Wednesday, Didn go school, was too lazy.
-went out for dinner. that all =-=''

Thursday, Didn go school agn. was lazy agn :D:D
-went out to shop for cloths and seriously felt super paiseh.
BECAUSE I bought the same jeans as my brother, and my brother was like WTH =-="
And i was like at first asking my brother saying, aye i think i bought the same jeans as you ley.
He said let me see, after seeing the jeans he starred and ask buy the same jean as me for wat.
than i was like =-=" omg.
LOL! :D Hehe

Friday which is today,
Didn go school agn and heheheheh :D lazy.
-Did nothing, all i did was like running places to collect money from people as they have ordered from me. But of cos la all of them stay in sengkang.
-The also the bloody ATM machine was like spoit so that shows that i have to like bloody take the LRT to compass point to transfer money to my supplier =-= ! WTH =-="
Sian lo. and i still have to go to another person house to collect money.
Which is like sian TTM. :( !

So currently im like closing my EOS contact lens Preorder tmr, so people if you wanna get your Eos lens asps, do order now :D if not you have to wait for another longlonglong preorder.
For Geo i will be closing it on 26-28th october :D
So you still have a long way there :D ! Actually not really that long la jst a few more weeks.

And also :D
Im going ovversea during the 25th Of November :D which is like 1month away :D Hehe
Im going for 9days so don really miss me during that moment. :D
I will try to post some stuff to my blog from china :D as i will be going to a spa where there is computer filled all over :D !
Weeeeeee so happy to like go to a spa as singapore don't allow underage kids to go in :( like me .
A pure 15 like me can't go spa at singapore, than china shall do <3 :D
Mad love and excited about this coming trip :D <3 heheh :D !

And somemore.... im not finish yet....
Im also going to the night safari this coming 25th October :D (Y)
Thanks to my lovely dovely cousin Ivy :D :D :D
Yeahh :D she got us free ticket :D :D :D heheheheheheheh
don worry la for those who didn really get the time to go, i will be taking tons of photo and uploading them all on my facebook and some chio one on my blog :D Heeeheheeeeheheee.
hehehhehehe im like super duper excited la :D:D

And lastly :D

People, Buy my contact lens okayyyy ?? :D
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010
Videos :D at 5:30 AM

Yes im not posting recently because im busying with blogshop :D

So here are some interesting video :D Enjoy!

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Lester Goh :D

Saturday, October 2, 2010
Had no title. at 11:11 AM

HELLO! :D im back posting with some super duper lame stuff. :D!
Hehehhe i know i have not been posting for this few weeks this is because of my newly opened


Okay now you seen it so make sure you're gonna be supoorting it ayee?
HEHE! :D! Seriously la :D! buy from me, because im like simply super duper trustable :D!
*Wink*wink* , HEHHHH .

What do i sell ? Check it out la KPKB here for what ? *GLARE*
Hehe no la :D! don be angry ayeee >:D
I sell Eos Lens at 1 for $18 and 2 for $32 ! :D
I also do sell Geo Lens at 1 for $12 :D
I sell onto headset for $15 per/headset
I supply Eos at $13.50[other blogs supply up to $18]
I supply Geo at $9-$10
I supply Onto at $12

:DD *wink*wink*wink* I know you are disgusted by they wink but bear with it :D
Im like advertising my blog now lOl

OKay la :D! Serious liaoo

Today Mr LKY's Wife Died
died on Saturday at the age of 89. AT her house leaving us peacefully at 5.40pm .

And guess what ... they were together for 61years ... Envious ... :X

A statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said her wake will be held at Sri Temasek – official residence of the Prime Minister located within the Istana grounds — on Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 5pm.

A private funeral will take place on October 6 at Mandai Crematorium.

The family requests that no obituaries and no wreaths or flowers to be sent.

All donations will go to the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) Health Research Endowment Fund.

Members of the public may call 6835 6614 for any queries.

So do visit if possible .

God bless Mr LKY

Don be sad..

Okay here end the post.
Yes i know this post is short but full of my winking and feelings is involve ...
Maybe not the winking but feeling... :X

Do visit my blogshop at :D
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Sunday, September 26, 2010
I promise ! at 3:50 AM

Hello hhahhahahaha the title is I promise because i promise to post :D! HEHHEHEHE
Welll..... im been kinna busy recently because of my blogshop you know...
I just opened it ! :D!!!! It sells contact lenses :D!

Yea.... i currently still looking for E.O.S lens supplier ! So if u know one, rmb to introduce to me:D!

But it okay because i still have my Geo.lens supplier :D! so ahhahahahha :D!!! i can still run it

People please do buy from me yea :D! Hehehe :D! there is currently a promotion going on so remember to check it out ! :D!

Bye for now :D!
Shall find something interesting to post next time :D
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Lester Goh :D





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